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The Best Way For Facebook Security

facebook mobile verification for security

Sign up for a new Facebook account just needs a few steps. With your personal informations and an email or mobile number also required to finish. After that, you have an account on FB and some may say there is no need to spend time with security.

Today, as the last statics, more than 1 billion of people uses Facebook and they have Facebook account. And also it’s known such as that, the most used application on mobile phones is again FB, so it means that, security is so much important for FB users, workers and also company.

The Most Recommended Method

Of course a valid and strong password and special security questions and answers must be just in your mind and special for you. After that, you must protect your account in order to get avoid of phishing, not also let your account someone else steal etc.

The most important of all is just adding a mobile number to your account. That’s a necessary step you have to do (we recommend). You just need a phone number of yours. Adding it and confirm it is just easy. Follow these steps:

  • Sign in on Facebook
  • Click to Settings
  • Click Mobile
  • Click “Add a mobile phone number
  • Enter your number and click to Continue

While doing these steps, don’t forget to put a thick to “Confirm number by – Sending me a text” and then continue. After these steps, you’ll get a message from Facebook. You’ll see a space on Mobile page “Already received a confirmation code?” and type the code you have received from FB.

These are important steps and proposals for Facebook security. However, you may get the FB notifications via mobile too 😉

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