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How to Get Facebook Username 2015?

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When you register to Facebook, Google already giving a random username for you. However if you would like to change it, you may do it only once per account. Because of that, you should think good about your username well for your Facebook account. Otherwise you won’t able to change it again.

How to Get / Change Username?
Go through settings button which is standing top right of the site and click on account settings. In the new page you are going to see a link as “General” at left side bar. You are going to see a link under your name on the main page of General Settings. Click on the link which is standing at “Username” column.

Your username should include your real name. It’s a new term of Facebook. Add your username including your real name and add your password in the blank field. Click on “Save Changes” button and save your user name. Now, you can’t change your username again and your facebook email will be changed.

Changing / Editing Group Name
If you want to change username of a page, you should go through settings button again which is standing top right in Facebook. Select your page and click on “Edit Page” button and choose “Edit Settings” from the selections. Click on Page Info button in the next page. You are going to see a Name column in the page. Edit your page name and click on Save Changes.  You can change username of your pages only when you are under 200 likes for your page.

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