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Facebook Is Not Opening – How Can I Access Facebook?

facebook is not opening i cant access facebook

Facebook is not opening in any browser, i can’t access to Facebook, how to access to Facebook, how to unblock Facebook and more informations given below.

Getting a new Facebook account quite easy. You may get a new account and start publishing & sharing anything in your account and search your friends online. These all looks splendid features on Facebook. But if you can’t access to FB?

Some Reasons
Sometimes Facebook website could be opening slowly or unreachable. These are rare reasons but they may happen for a few hours. And furthermore, your country may block Facebook due to some reasons. We know that FB was blocked in some countries such as India, Turkey, Brazil and Russia. They unblock FB by the time but meanwhile you need some practical ways to reach your account.

Other reasons are depending on you. It can be because of your internet connection, your browser caches, some antivirus programs and also another programs too. You must find out the real reason of that before using methods given below.

Suggested Practical Ways To Reach Facebook
You may see so many suggestions on any site. They say “Change your DNS” and use “Google DNS“. That’s a well known knowledge sometimes does work. But sometimes it doesn’t work if your country block FB or if FB is so slowly. So you can try these methods:

Zenmate: An extension which works on Google Chrome. You must use Chrome browser in order to use this method. Download it from Here. Then set it up and lt it work by making it “On” and you can choose any country for proxy also.

Hotspot Shield: One of the most downloaded program on the internet. It supports to enter blocked sites without any obstruction. You can try it for free and access to Facebook also if not opening.

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10 Responses to “Facebook Is Not Opening – How Can I Access Facebook?”

  1. JAMES says:

    My facebook page is not opening,i have tried evrything in vain please help me.

  2. buddy says:

    missing code it says, does anyone have any idea?

  3. myabmarpyithar says:


  4. crispin sabiniano says:

    Hi all

  5. LEXIS says:


  6. Bashir Usman says:

    I want reach facebook

  7. Cabriella says:

    Facebook can, t open how can i open it.

  8. Virginia tinamisan says:

    I cant open my Facebook.

  9. anna abegunde olabisi says:

    Wish to create a new facebook account

  10. sheemabuzdar says:

    not openning, help please 🙁

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