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Find Who Unfriended You on Facebook

who unfriend you on facebook

Do you want to know that who is unfriend you on Facebook? We are going to give you awesome tips about that and almost for every browsers.

Manually Learn Who Unfriended
Just have a look to the user’s profile that you wonder. You’ll see “Add Friend” option here. If you see that option, it means she or he unfriended you on Facebook. If you don’t see his/her profile, than may be they blocked you on Facebook or they closed their Facebook account.

Social Fixer Extension for Facebook

You will able to learn who unfriended you on Facebook instantly and you will able to contact your friends if you have any problems with them. This trick is not working on Internet Explorer. I believe you shouldn’t also use Internet Explorer in 21th century.

The trick we will give you is just for Mozilla Firefox (almost very versions), Google Chrome (19v or higher), Apple Safari, Opera (11v or higher) and Grease – Monkey. For understand to who is unfriending you.

Just click Here to go to website . Social fixer is a great extension which will be very useful for you. You will see a list of browsers with images on main page.

Click on the most suitable browser for you and download the extension. Activate Social Fixer extension and find the option which is called Friend Tracker. You will able to see that who is unfriended you in this option. So you will able to understand who upsets with you with help of Social Fixer and they you may try to fix your friendship with your partner.

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5 Responses to “Find Who Unfriended You on Facebook”

  1. Rihanna Fan says:

    It’s hard to know who unfriend you on facebook, i think now there are no any programs to know. You must just have a look by yourself…

  2. Kavin says:

    Hello i am kavin, its my first time to join into Facebook, and i wanna know more about it…

  3. Elias Cookey says:

    start selling today your service on our site?

  4. sanakhan says:

    I creat a new fasbook id

  5. Adalicia says:

    Hey, i’m from germany, age 22, tell me ur FB account to poke you 😉

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