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Facebook videos download programs 2015 2016

You have seen a very nice Facebook video and you want to download it? Then you are on the right place to download it. We are going to tell you about downloading videos as you wish. It’s easy and you won’t need to spend too much times with downloading programs, extensions and tools for that.

Using Pick and Zip
You can even download your own photos and videos with our tips. We are going to use assistance of a site for downloading videos. The site is Pick and Zip. It’s easy to use and it’s completely free. All you need is facebook account.

If you wan to download a Facebook video, go to main page of Pick And Zip www.picknzip.com

Select the owner of video from right sidebar and click on Videos button. You are going to see a list of videos.

You can download them all but pick one if you want to download single video. Go through download button and click one of the options you have seen in the screen.

Edit Downloaded Video
Now you will able to watch the video in your computer and you can edit it as you wish. It’s quite easy to do and it will take your seconds. I hope it will be useful tool for you! You can also download albums and photos via Pick and Zip.

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  1. zippy says:

    Finally i downloaded funny videos from Facebook by your help, thanks

  2. Kath says:

    A simple question for you: Which is the best? Facebook or Twitter???

  3. janie says:

    This is a topic that’s near to my heart…

  4. zinabu says:

    Best website and good

  5. saada moussa says:

    j’etaim la vie avec vous

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