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148 Responses to “Create A New Facebook Account”

  1. Lynell says:

    This is my first time visit at here and i am really pleassant to read all

  2. Dyanne davis says:

    trying to create a facebook and keep being rerouted. says creation page non existence…whats going on

  3. Kamelia says:

    Finally i created a new account, i know why always they block my account. Bcz of fake ones .s

  4. archàna says:

    Hello friends

  5. Neal says:

    post is pleasant, thats why i have read it completely

  6. wade says:

    I could not resist commenting.

  7. akisha denise esporas says:

    Thank you Facebook..

  8. Helena says:

    At least i created a new facebook account, thanks for your suggestions

  9. soso says:

    love you for ever

  10. angel despi says:


  11. Kappa says:

    Hello Dear, are you truly visiting this site on a regular basis?

  12. Bunny says:

    Thanks for share complete guide about sign up, Keep it, Thanks again

  13. Khongelani Austin says:

    thnks guys cause i finally created my acc

  14. Md kamal says:

    Thanks brother

  15. Santos Beckley   says:

    We are one.

  16. md sahin says:

    Hi all, hopefully at the end i got my account

  17. ismailkhan says:

    i love you more bowllood

  18. hamza says:

    I’m here => For chating 😉

  19. Ozge says:

    None of you knows how to get FB without email o phone number, but i know 🙂

  20. alicia says:

    975m since i still try to get a new account…

  21. Madhavi says:

    I could not open a Facebook account

  22. vyshnavi says:

    e mail is needed it says but i opened an account with my phone .s.s.ss

  23. BUNNY Gould says:


  24. anil sharma says:

    My best friend

  25. Maria sharkey says:

    Trying to set up a facebook page to upload avon brochure on it its not having it

  26. Kevin nelson says:

    Hello fb

  27. Kevin nelson says:

    Good morning Facebook

  28. francis paul franje says:

    5TGG is my FB username, come and get video chat with me

  29. Eugene Foote says:

    Happy birthday

  30. Rita George says:

    I like Facebook

  31. crispin sabiniano says:

    Ellow welcome to facebook

  32. crispin sabiniano says:

    Hopefully at d end i got my accnt

  33. Nlyasoroliverio says:

    I like 2 signed again coz I want privacy

  34. Nlyasoroliverio says:

    I got it my new account

  35. Nureen Irdina says:

    I’M CUTE.

  36. Nureen Irdina says:


  37. Raber says:


  38. Raber says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation…


  39. sandra says:

    I want to creatre an facebook

  40. princessrian says:

    beautiful.loving and ccaring

  41. Shahnaj akhter ruby says:

    I need this name account

  42. Joni telecom says:

    Caming to new fb id

  43. laddu says:

    I want to create a Facebook account

  44. No or ali says:

    I want to create facebook. Com

  45. goseame says:

    I want to create an Facebook account
    Because I want to do school week here in facebook

  46. farhana says:

    new smileys on facebook when I cat on facebook with someone,imay need to use facebook smileys at anytime …….

  47. jessica says:

    just wanna be good.

  48. KakitaRobinson says:

    I love F.B

  49. jhun basiloy jr says:

    I want to created a new account on facebook

  50. jhun basiloy jr says:


  51. Ewan says:

    Hey i’m ewn from Canada, wanna to add me?

  52. jhun basiloy jr says:

    Hello Ewan

  53. Kennedi says:

    What is that

  54. airana jangid says:

    Airana jangid jaitran. Dist.pali

  55. Ruket says:

    I aslo want to create a new accound..,oh but dont know how to create it… Pls rply me,if u know

  56. Ruket says:

    Farhana,pls tell me..

  57. Donna Lestardo says:

    I do not understand what to put in the WEBSITE space I am confused.

  58. kirti dalvi says:

    I have to create an Facebook account

  59. Bashir Usman says:

    I want chat with my friends

  60. kirstene says:


  61. steven says:

    malakas ako

  62. Afra Ali says:


  63. Manikanta Sidda says:

    Good facebook app

  64. jayine berman says:


  65. Tayyab prince says:

    Facebook I love you

  66. arivuselvan says:

    how are you

  67. Dorothy Kasawala says:

    it good to be on fb

  68. Negz Casanes says:

    Cant create new account

  69. Manaswini Sahoo says:

    Thanks for your such kind of goodness as accepting me your friend

  70. Manaswini Sahoo says:

    I want to be an account in the Facebook

  71. Tushar says:

    how facebook.com gmail

  72. hasnat says:

    we use the facebook

  73. Madhan sky says:

    hai cute

  74. saima says:

    Hi I am saima and your company is very good work with us.

  75. badshah says:

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fb

  76. manish yadav says:

    no budy cen alcohoo….

  77. Akanksha Dalve says:


  78. rahul maisnam says:

    Open new acount

  79. rahul maisnam says:

    I want to create a facebook

  80. rahul maisnam says:

    Pliz create account

  81. Tapan Banerjee says:

    I dont know why my accounts have been blocked time & again. Can any one help me in this matter?

  82. bhawna says:


  83. bhawna says:

    I want to created a new account on facebook

  84. snel raj aryan says:

    job nahi lol rsra h kya key ji is liye ka rahe ki mere man jalad se par dijiye pleas

  85. sarahpagaposcuna says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  86. sarahpagaposcuna says:


  87. zeus says:

    kabuntuk kupu

  88. RML says:

    This site is very good

  89. Shanaya says:


  90. balaji the fighter says:

    it is good

  91. loveshika says:

    Its social site fun

  92. loveshika says:

    Find meet old classmate big deal

  93. wafiey (hamba ALLAH) says:

    feeling happy

  94. Arunie Peiris says:


  95. vusi says:

    Please help me reactivate my old account named Vusi Vilakazi

  96. Juan says:

    Like face book

  97. Ruhi khan says:


  98. pain my heart says:

    Its good for us

  99. pain my heart says:

    face book new account

  100. pain full heart says:

    faun full heart

  101. Pinto says:

    A new Facebook

  102. jonhleomendoza says:

    may happy ending ladi ang buhay


    i want to open a new facebook acount

  104. arifabdurehman says:

    my life my rules

  105. Savannah says:


  106. Lovelynn says:

    you guys are the best..

  107. Lovelynn says:


  108. winlove says:

    new facebook

  109. arjhay says:

    im happy facebook ^^

  110. silver says:


  111. Albert gochoco amadio says:

    Thank you

  112. lucky mpho says:

    How can I get back to my happy momments just let me be happy please

  113. ajra parween says:

    Helllo im ajra parween

  114. narmatha says:

    Interested in facebook

  115. narmath says:

    Hai add me

  116. frozen ice says:

    hi my name is frozen ice

  117. Mohammad Sharib says:

    Mohammed sharib shreen

  118. ramchandara says:


  119. afzal says:

    i will make facebook acount

  120. Syed Umar Syed says:

    hello people i’m from Pakistani and i wanna you add me. Umaralia my FB name

  121. Smith Success says:

    Looking for older women to marry ME

  122. hagos says:

    am now want to create new account of face book please help me for it

  123. hagos says:

    now I want to create a new account of fb

  124. sabah saleh says:

    to get a new face book account

  125. Su Su Mon says:

    hello baby

  126. Plenty girl says:

    thank u

  127. Nikki Stump says:

    New facebook

  128. RAVI ELAI says:


  129. Jeri says:

    setting up account trying to find my son. please be discreet.

  130. John carter says:

    New account

  131. Nice woman 19 says:

    Apprᥱciаte tһe recοmmendation. Let me try it out.

  132. udon g. digay says:

    i like facebook

  133. udon g. digay says:

    ilove facebook page!

  134. Ali says:

    Good idea create Marvallus things

  135. Ali says:

    Most of things are not turning out well

  136. Harish yadav says:

    We feeling fine to use this social site

  137. chaturanan. says:

    I love my India

  138. tun tun says:

    i like facebook

  139. Shahidalam says:

    Hi Cool frends, i need some good friends to talk

  140. Kcha Jwanaka says:

    07731655115 call me, but if you want to get surprises, then no!

  141. blue eyes says:

    Hi! how r ui, i wanna some god news from guys

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