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About Us

about us

Our website is created at August 2014. We aimed to create a new website that we can share posts that will help another people Facebook issues. This is not only about Facebook but also includes another social platforms like Gmail, Twitter and Youtube etc.

Normally you may get routine help by Facebook offical help topics and forum. It’s our advice also to use their information and help systems. Meanwhile you may not see some help topics like Facebook is not reachable at the moment… You may need to use VPN additions like Browsec. Your Facebook account may be blocked by Facebook. Or some limitations such as not to be able to add new friends. You may need experienced help. This is why we needed to create a website that may help.

In 2010 we were helping Facebook lovers on forums and on our Facebook group. There were stolen accounts and fake accounts problem. But nowadays these problems mostly changed. We still continue our volunteer work.

And the most important warning is that this is just a personal website. And this is not an offical Facebook site. Don’t give any of your Facebook account password or email when you comment on this site or when you want to contact with us.


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