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Find Who Unfriended You on Facebook

who unfriend you on facebook

Do you want to know that who is unfriend you on Facebook? We are going to give you awesome tips about that and almost for every browsers. Manually Learn Who Unfriended Just have a look to the user’s profile that you wonder. You’ll see “Add Friend” option here. If you see that option, it means she or he unfriended you on Facebook. If you don’t see his/her profile, than may be they blocked you on Facebook or they closed their Facebook account. Social Fixer Extension... Read More

How To Get Facebook Messages Sent To Email?

forward facebook messages

Send your Facebook messages to your email, get Facebook messages to your email, how to send facebook messages to email and more, see below how to do. Get Messages as Email Too many people are preferring to send messages to each other via Facebook Message system. Some of these messages can be too important for you and you would like them to save into your mail address. These messages can be a good souvenirs and a proof. With this post you will able to save your facebook messages in your inbox and... Read More

How to Get Facebook Username 2015?

facebook get username

When you register to Facebook, Google already giving a random username for you. However if you would like to change it, you may do it only once per account. Because of that, you should think good about your username well for your Facebook account. Otherwise you won’t able to change it again. How to Get / Change Username? Go through settings button which is standing top right of the site and click on account settings. In the new page you are going to see a link as “General” at left side bar... Read More